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Design case

On the example of Zatomay website


Zatomay is a site for representatives of digital agencies and personal brands, therefore, first of all, style was important for us. The main goal was to strictly visualize the design approach and personal preferences. We love minimalism, a strict but not classic grid, enveloping delicate colors, non-classical navigation

Hero Screen

We made a lot of versions before getting the desired one

The main contender was the screen:

But there was a problem β€” an empty space in the lower right. The whole composition fell down. Awful

Ok, we literally screwed up our eyes and realized that we needed some bright spot. But a big spot will leave questions rather than close our problem. Then we decided to give it the function of a button. Ta-dam!

We selected the navigation menu right away. We wanted to make it not classic style and invert the selection


For a long time, we picked up font pairs. A typeface is a huge part of the design. Especially in minimalism. The combination of headsets was supposed to be a great addition. Elegant, moderately strict, light, subtle. So we fell in love with a combination of BonVoyage and Nunito


Choosing a color was easy. The subconscious mind has done its job. We thought we were choosing now, but in fact we chose it a long time ago, back in the store


We have not forgotten about the meaning and purpose. We needed a website that we can send to agencies (are you representative? Hi there πŸ‘‹πŸΎ) and in the same time website which can tell about our style. We needed to know what the agencies’re paying attention to. We attended a maximum of designer events. We asked questions, we listened. It turned out that in addition to skills, this type of employer looks at personalities. In general, everyone wants to work with those they like. Therefore, we decided to be honest and tell that there are only two of us. In addition, we abandoned the concept of faceless site. That’s why we took some photos so people should get acquainted with us.

Hah, we hope you enjoyed us πŸ–€

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