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Hey there! Let's chat a little

ZATOMAY is here for your projects, a small and independent team with over seven years of experience. We are proud that our customers recommend us to their friends and partners. From the first meeting until the end of a project, we'll be working together to provide all your business goals


Attention to the client, constant development, and industry analysis allows us to create successful projects.

  1. No conceit

    We don't impose visual solutions just based on our emotions. Instead, we analyze the target audience and talk a lot with the client. We don't make a website for ourselves, but we put our skills into it.

  2. Draft

    We do not waste your resources and money on rework. First, we discuss the structure of the website on the prototype. Best visual solution found? Great, development begins.

  3. No egoism

    We do not try to loop the work of the website on ourselves. And we do not want you to depend on us, because we have left you no choice. Therefore, we choose open source solutions. And you can change all the content yourself without even knowing how to program.

  4. Support

    Do you have questions and you are not sure that you can deal with the site yourself? We are always helping our dear customers. We will answer questions and give advice.

  5. Collaboration

    If you have a designer or a programmer, then we will share the responsibilities with interest and make a great project together. We are open to professionals.