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Dev case

On the example of a website for a beauty studio

UX in Web Dev

We think not only about users, but also about site owners. The client should be able to manage the site by itself and without interfering with the code. This tell about good tone and professionalism

You can change content that is highlighted in orange

In this project, you can change almost everything. Let’s talk about the services. We have written a personal plugin for services. If suddenly in the future it will be necessary to redesign and change the active theme to WP, then the services will not disappear anywhere and the content will not have to be re-filled. That’s great

Services have categories (taxonomies) that are displayed with a shortcode in the right place. For example, on the main page. The category has a personal page with a list of all services in this category

You can change content that is highlighted in orange

We enabled the manager to set the background for the category on the main page, as well as the background on the internal page. Let’s look on the settings

Settings for category

Settings for service card

If you want to know about how we work on design kindly check the link below. Cheers! 🍑

Design case

or you’re welcome to read

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