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YADOMA — E-Commerce

Client Name: YADOMA


Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

YADOMA is a large and multifunctional e-commerce project. We have worked closely together to create a continually updated website from a tiny start-up. The company has stood the test of time, and now we can see that YADOMA is that project which sets trends.

What was done

UX/UI-Design, Full Stack Support.

The ultimate goal is to make the navigation of the website into the phase where it is simple to use and explore for both sides, backend and frontend parts. The YADOMA's website is a calm place where shoppers can catch their breath and make more intuitive choices.

We divided the entire space of the apartment into zones and sorted the products in the usual way and accordance with the YADOMA system. In that way bread area, water area, tea, and coffee area were born.

The main product of the company is a clay bread box, from which, however, it all began.

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